EP#76 – Your Comfort Food’s Alter Ego.

Burgers and fries are like the sun shining after a rain.

Cakes and chocolates are like Rainbow after the Storm.

But what if the Sun and Rainbow, which we look forward to, had a different reality to tell?

Does our so-called “comfort food” actually provide long-term relief?

People are sometimes solely concerned with the immediate results, ignoring the long-term consequences of our decisions. We all know that eating such types of food can lead to the negative repercussions of consuming unhealthy foods frequently. We are aware of the dangers of eating them frequently, but we continue to do so.

Think about the next time you’re about to order meals and how it might impact you in a few years. Watch Steven Piriano on the link below, as he shared the importance of health for everyone.

The Jimbo Paris Show #76 with Steven Piriano – YouTube

The Jimbo Paris Show is also available in ROKU TV!

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