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Your Ticket to Real Estate Success

“You have to have a dream; you have to have a vision and adjust accordingly.” -The 6 Figures University Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #74- Your Ticket to Real Estate Success (Kemyana Jones-Bey and Anne Johnson-Bey) Perfect Salon Suites was created with the intention of assisting people from the start. They offer beauty professionals not just a private and economical salon space, but also the flexibility to practice what they love. The Salon Suites concept empowers beauty professionals to take control of their future, destiny, time, and money, ultimately impacting their quality of life. They allow beauty professionals to express their artistry and talent in their own space and on their own terms. The Salon Suites concept is unique in that it allows beauty professionals to make as much money as they want while fueling their passion. Kemyana Jones-bey and Anne Johnson-Bey accredit their success to God and to their family, their spiritual connection has been the one consistent source they can always rely on. Get access to their FREE Training NOW and make 6 figures in 6 months!