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JUNE Monthly Feedback Episode

“If you knew positively, that you could improve your health, just by changing your attitude, wouldn’t you do it? Same thing applies your life, if you positively knew, and I’m telling you what was the fact, you positively knew they could change and have a better future for you and the rest of your entire life, just by changing your attitude to a positive one. Wouldn’t you do it?” Jimbo Paris Show #83 – A Better Attitude for a Better Future. (Fred Kienle) “You can’t scale and grow business until you learn the foundations, the bedrock, the core things that you have to do in a business.” Jimbo Paris Show #84 – Optimize and Refine Your Business (Natasha Miller) “Whenever you’re in a conflict like that, you really have three options, you can address the problem, have a conversation with the person that you’re having conflict with, change the department you work in, whatever the case is, you can get over it, or you can quit.” The Jimbo Paris Show #85 (LIVE) with Drew Jackson “I think do what you want to do, don’t worry about other things. So same thing from in person, whatever your interest is, you sharpen it, enjoy and do it. Same thing in the people in the middle. Of course, we are happy, continue to do but if you want to do something, there is no other experience, it won’t be later, there is nothing different is going. You want something, do it.” The Jimbo Paris Show #86 (LIVE) with Mohan Ananda