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EP98 – Awareness. Key to Self-love. (Kim McIntyre)

“Awareness is key to self-love, and to everything. If you don’t know that, you’re judging yourself harshly in your head. If you’re not aware of when it’s happening, then it’s hard to counteract it with self-love and compassion, because it takes off and has steam. So, it starts with AWARENESS.” – Kim McIntyre Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #98 – Awareness. Key to Self-love. (Kim McIntyre) Kim McIntyre is the Founder & CEO of Joyful Being Transformations. She creates a connection to people on how to laugh more, relax more, and get in the mood to dance! Kim McIntyre teaches individuals how to fully appreciate their life in the present rather than holding out for some ideal future through her “The Joyful Being Academy.” As a Transformational Coach, she helps people to create a life that aligns with their true, flowing, joyful being.