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EP86 – Successful Journey to an Unfamiliar Country (Mohan Ananda)

“Education is the way to change the world and people have to be knowledgeable to do the right thing. You believe in your best judgement, what is the right to do without expecting any specific return.” – Mohan Ananda Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #86 – Successful Journey to an Unfamiliar Country (Mohan Ananda) Mohan Ananda is an entrepreneur and author from Kannur, Kerala, India. He moved to the United States and left his home country in search of a better life in America. He is the Chairman and CEO of the Innovative International Acquisition Corporation. Mohan Ananda is also the chairman of IGDS Technologies Private Limited and SecondOpinionExpert, Inc. He now serves on the boards of several companies and maintains extensive ties with the investment industry, including investment banks and venture capital organizations. Dr. Ananda is also the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Ananda Foundation, a non-profit organization. Mohan, wrote the book “Autobiography of an Immigrant”, a memoir about a man who left the comforts of a modern home in a faraway India and did what he had to do to make a living and succeed in a new land. ►Watch the whole LIVE Episode #86 – with Mohan Ananda on the link below! ◄
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