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EP83 – A Better Attitude for a Better Future (Fred Kienle)

“Change it to a better attitude. You’ll be more grateful, more successful happier, because happiness isn’t just always about money or success. Success is being happy where you’re at.” – Fred Kienle Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #83 – Better Attitude for a Better Future. (Fred Kienle) Fred Kienle is a successful keynote speaker, singer/entertainer, and author. A 76-year-old man who has come up through the ranks, learning how to deal with people and personalities through trial and error. He owned several successful small businesses. And worked for a major corporation in Dallas, Texas for over 22 years, where he taught and trained hundreds of employees in Six Sigma, ethics, and safety. He is a certified six sigma expert and specializes in team building and team facilitation. Fred wrote four successful books, available on Amazon called “Success with An Attitude”, “Health with An Attitude”, “Leadership With An Attitude”, and Co-Author of “A Better Plan”.