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EP#80 – Improve Life with Gratefulness (Benedita Sousa)

“We go through some really challenging time… But the most important is that we are able to hold on, keep doing the work because at some point, we’re going to reach the top and we’re going to open like a lotus, white 1000 petals, 1000 Petals bright in the sun.” – Benedita Sousa Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #80- Improve Life with Gratefulness (Benedita Sousa) Benedita battled with binge eating for over 20 years and have been FREE from binging for more than 10yrs. They work with women every day to help them find freedom from binging. Benedita’s gift is helping women transcend what they see as impossible and start seeing results straight away. They created a method that ends binge eating forever. Reserve your 24hour pass NOW! The 5 Step Plan Women Are Using To STOP The Binging Cycle (