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EP#79 – Every Day Excellence (Joe Templin)

“We get to choose how we perceive the world, we have this constant simulation, and we can either look to the positive side of it, or the negative side of it, we can look at things as the glass is half empty, or it’s half full, we can see the problems, or we can see the opportunities.” – Joe Templin Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #79- Every Day Excellence (Joe Templin) Joe Templin is a Reformed physicist, financial planner, startup founder and autodidactic polymath best described as a Swiss Army Knife, Joe Templin has invested the past two and a half plus decades in helping others reach their financial potential as a planner, trainer, mentor and creator. He is an ultramarathoner, special needs parent, martial artist, and author of the Kindle #1 New Release in Professional Development “Every Day Excellence”.