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EP#76 – Inspirational Guide to Health and Wellness (Steven Piriano)

“You may fall short at times, there may be times when you may not reach your goal. And that’s okay. You know, we’re all human. We all learn, we all we’re all fallible, so it’s okay, just know that you’ve learned from it, and you’re just going to keep going.” -Steven Piriano Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #76- Inspirational Guide to Health and Wellness (Steven Piriano) Steven Piriano is an Emergency Medicine physician passionate about health, wellness, and helping others become their best and healthiest selves. Steve Piriano was diagnosed with renal cancer in 2007. Although this was a frightening time, it began a journey of discovery into topics such as wellness, nutrition, meditation, and personal development. Much of his belief regarding the importance of healthy lifestyles stems from his experience with cancer and subsequent self-education. The essential nature of this knowledge was then solidified by caring for an abundance of patients in the emergency department suffering from complications of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and cancer. Over the years, Steve began to realize that there was a positive side. He understood that many times, these conditions could be prevented and often reversed. Steve has years of experience taking care of tens of thousands of patients, and it is his unshakeable belief that we should all be active participants in our health, doing the best we can to take care of the most valuable gift that has been given to us. He sincerely believes that we can be better. He has written two children’s books that impart lessons about good health, as well as an inspirational memoir wherein he also shares many of his insights on health and wellness.