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EP70 – Turning Nothing Into Something (JD The Author)

“Don’t give up no matter how tough it gets. Because the next day could be this day, that the sun come up for you. So just keep going.” -Justin Reeves / JD The Author Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #70- Turning Nothing into Something (JD The Author) JD the Author is a single father of three boys. Living in New York City. He was born in foster care because his mother was a drug addict. He grew up in foster care, where he was abused. JD was in and out of juvenile detention centers for two years when he was 11 years old and spent the majority of his life on the streets before finally deciding to leave. He wrote an Amazon bestseller book called “Post Traumatic Streets Disorder – A Battle within”, which dives deep into his life, including a suicide attempt and surviving and overcoming being traumatized by the streets.