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EP#63 – Wellness and Mindset Coaching (Noelle Pinchot)

“Struggles come. They come for everyone…. Everyone’s going through something. Calm down. Chill out. Everything will be okay.” – Noelle Pinchot Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #63- Wellness and Mindset Coaching (Noelle Pinchot) Noelle Pinchot is a Wellness and Mindset Coach who help women in the marketplace gain control, confidence, and energy. She has almost a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry. Group fitness, personal training, managing fitness facilities, creating and running wellness programs, and coaching have been her area of expertise. She has dealt with family trauma, anxiety, depression, an autoimmune disorder, and eating disorders. When Noelle moved to Nashville 3 years ago, from a tiny town in Pennsylvania, she finally read the first self-help book that lit a fire inside her that she knew she always had. She became the most positive thinker when I realized how important internal happiness is before achieving external happiness. Noelle believes that she was meant to go through what she has gone through so that she could help women like you in your own journey. It is her purpose. I believe we can all fall completely in love with our lives by simply going back to basics. Start your journey with Noelle Pinchot, book your FREE discovery call!