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EP55 – Strengthen Faith and Manage Mental Health (Jill Riley)

“I am committed to looking at faith and mental health in not just Evangelical Christian aspect. There are people who find their faith and belief in all different aspects of life.” – Jill Riley Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #55- Strengthening Faith and Managing Mental Health (Jill Riley) This episode will lead us to enlightenments concerning faith and mental health challenges. Jill Riley, an adopted Korean American, was raised in North Idaho during the height of the white supremacy movement of the 1980s. She met her husband, a Montana native, while in college in Seattle, Washington. After completing her education, she and her husband moved to Billings, Montana to raise their family. Her love of telling stories, blended with humor and passion for people allows us unique insight into the life of a survivor of abuse, serial abandonment and neglect. Jill’s faith has overcome an authoritative, over a religious home to become strong and resilient and more grace filled than she ever could have imagined. Her work has included more than twenty years as a minister, serving as both pastor and consultant in many different denominations. Her entrepreneurial spirit and pastor’s heart led her to start 3 churches in Washington and Montana. She is also a business consultant specializing in strategic planning and organizational development. Jill Riley is an excellent communicator both in person and in print. A popular speaker/teacher she shares stories that speak with honesty and raw vulnerability on the topics of faith, mental illness, parenting and life as a broken woman in need of grace.