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EP#54 – Warrior Against Fear and Limiting Beliefs (Jen Romanowski)

“Facing Fear. There’s no such thing as “should” “what I should do” “what I shouldn’t do”… That doesn’t help anything. What you’re doing is about being in the moment. It’s about being right here, right now.” – Jen Romanowski Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #54- Warrior Against Fear and Limiting Beliefs (Jen Romanowski) In this episode, our guest can help us dig deeper to ourselves and recognize the things that we don’t want to face by ourselves. Sunshine is a gratefully recovering alcoholic, a Psychic Medium & Spiritual Advisor. She is a DIE-hard lover of some deep intensive shadow work. A warrior against fear and limiting beliefs. An eternal optimist always able to find the light in the bleakest of moments. She is a wrangler of powerful emotions. An eclectic witch, practiced magician, and forever learning alchemist. This 24 years of experience in spirituality, witchcraft, and divination is combined with 24 years in leadership, marketing and technology to give birth to Sunshine Readings a multi-platform business that helps Sunshine and others help the beautiful souls in this world step out of the dark and into their own bright, shining, beautiful light.