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EP36 – The Path of Holistic Skin Care (Heidi Cooper)

Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #36- The Path of Holistic Skin Care. (Heidi Cooper) This episode will support us to address the connection of our lifestyle, our diet and supplementation as it associates to our skin. “We are all here for a specific purpose. My purpose, I believe, is to help the people that come to see me really fulfill their purpose and live their best life.” – Heidi Cooper Heidi Cooper is a Master Esthetician and a Certified Natural Health Functional Medicine Practitioner who has been in practice for over 25 years. After struggling with her own skin challenges as a teenager, she was introduced to an Esthetician who utilized a natural approach. It included dietary changes that yielded results as opposed to the ineffective symptom cover up approach through the conventional treatment she received. During her first 10 years in practice, Heidi used the same practices learned from her Esthetics mentor with great success. Then something changed, almost simultaneously, the challenge with obtaining those same prior results clinically in the treatment room and Heidi’s own health and hormonal issues coincided. This prompted Heidi to obtain additional education in Functional Medicine (root cause) and utilize this approach in her practice. It is the culmination of these years of education and clinical experience that has proven to be effective and culminated in the information Heidi now shares with her clients and on social media. Formerly Regional Esthetics Educator for the Life Spa at Life Time Fitness. Received the coveted Life Spa National Artistry Award for Esthetics a record 18 consecutive quarters, ranking #1 in the nation annually in 2009, 2011, and 2012 out of over 300 Estheticians nationwide. Get your FREE Guide now!