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EP34 – The Healthier You (David Medansky)

“I believe it’s my ethical duty and obligation to help you to improve your eating habits so you can lose weight and avoid getting blindsided by a serious life-threatening health condition. Would you like to have more energy, feel better and look better? You too can have a healthy lifestyle. If I can do it, and others have done it, you can do it too.” – David Medansky Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show with David Medansky. In this episode David will help us identify the 9 must have principles to lose weight without dieting, exercising, or counting calories. Top-selling author and speaker, David Medansky, The Health Maestro, struggled with his own weight issues until July 2016 when his doctor told him to either lose weight or find a new doctor. During the next four months, David shed 50 pounds, almost 25 percent of his total body weight and has kept it off. Now his mission in life is to teach you how to eat healthier so you too can lose weight, have more energy, feel better, look better, and improve your overall health without going on a diet. Congratulations to The Healthier You!