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EP32 – Embracing Grief to Survive and to Thrive (LaCara Biddles)

Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #32- Embracing Grief to Survive and to Thrive (LaCara Biddles) This episode will definitely give us realizations that facing several life challenges can reignite our soul. “I do believe that there are beautiful things to be found in absolutely everything” – LaCara Biddles LaCara Biddles is the creator and founder of the Raising Resilience Movement, Transformation Coach, Course Creator and an Author who supports and empowers women in learning and adopting new approaches to carrying the heaviness that life challenges and hardships present. She faced a long list of hardships throughout her life and had consistently demonstrated an astonishing capacity to use these challenges as fuel to launch herself forward in the pursuit of achieving her goals. Following the birth and death of her daughter Kailani last July, LaCara was able to turn this heartbreaking and soul shattering experience into something beautiful and meaningful. LaCara’s book, Heavenly Seas, shares her journey of neonatal loss as well as the methods and techniques used to embrace grief to not only survive the loss of her daughter, but to also thrive. Join the movement now! Connect with her on social media: Raising Resilience Movement FB Group / LaCara Biddles FB Page