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EP31 – Human Connection Movement (Pete Bombaci)

Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #31- Human Connection Movement (Pete Bombaci) In this episode you will love how human and social connections can make the world better! “A single conversation can lead to change, can lead to support” – Pete Bombaci Pete Bombaci is an expert in the field of human connection and the founder of The GenWell Project – a Canadian Not-For Profit organization dedicated to making the world a healthier and happier place by educating people about the importance of proactive face-to-face social connection and inspiring them to take action, for their own health or the health or others. Following a successful career in the beverage alcohol industry, Pete ventured into the world of cause and not-for profit, by heading up Movember Canada. Under his leadership, Movember Canada grew to become the number one fundraising country in the world, raising 142M dollars over 5 years. Since his departure, Pete has focused on the roll out of his passion project, The GenWell Project. Although society was in need of a Human Connection Movement prior to the global pandemic, Covid-19 has raised the collective consciousness about the need for greater human connection in the world, and The GenWell Project wants to the catalyst that makes that desire a reality for all.