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EP10 – No Pets Left Behind (Gayle Martz)

Gayle Martz, creator of The SHERPA Bag©. Founder of Sherpa Pet Trading Company, Author of the book “IT’S IN THE BAG: How to turn a passion into a new business” and “No Pets Left Behind: The SHERPA Guide for Travelling with your Best Friend”. The Sherpa Bag© had been officially approved by most major airlines in 1994. Gayle Martz is as an advocate for pet travel. She was able to broaden the awareness and was able to teach people about travelling with their best pals. In her book, “No Pet Left Behind”, she had an inclusive roadmap that would be very helpful in travelling with your pets. It offers not only lessons about business and life, but also offers new learnings about Ms. Gayle’s hope for a better future on human-animal bond. Her mission and passion is to help people enjoy and live their lives with their animal buddies anywhere and everywhere. Her goal is to make it possible for pets and pet owners to be together wherever they go.