EP#79 – “Jack of All Trades.”

Jack of all trades, master of none. But still better than a master of one.

Having a profound interconnected knowledge in lots of areas rather than just having excellent understanding in specific area and knowing nothing else have been a realization to many when the pandemic hits. About 40 million Americans lost their jobs and one of the factors is because some people only had one skill set and had limited capabilities. They haven’t given themselves the chance to be more flexible to be able to shift into a new field and do other things.

“No matter what happens, because change is inevitable, if you are not resilient, and part of being resilient, is being flexible, in terms of your mindset and abilities, then you’re going to end up the way the dinosaur.” – Joe Templin / Every Day Excellence

Joe Templin, when he was 10 years old, told his mom that he wanted to learn everything there was to learn. He has been very committed in trying to learn new things and that pushed him to be more excellent. As he nourishes himself to become his better version, he also helped others become better.

“If you’re not creating something that brings value to others, then you’re not going to have very much worth to deliver to the universe.” – Joe Templin

According to Joe, there are 2 Steps in helping people become better.

  1. Belief System that you have the obligation to help other people.
  2. Being the better version of yourself. – You can’t help people if you have no capabilities, if you have no skills. Not only having value, but you also see value in yourself as well.

Joe Templin would like us to keep in our minds that we have our “Reticular Activation System” within us. We get to choose on how we perceive the world. We can either look at the positive side or the negative side of it.  We can see our problems, or we can see the opportunities. Look for those opportunities in every situation no matter how dark it appears.

Meet Joe – Every Day Excellence (everyday-excellence.com)

Can’t get enough of Joe?  Visit The Intro Machine to read more than you can handle on how to set up a successful introduction-based business and put your excellence practice to work in your professional life. Joe loves the Yankees.  So of course, he hates the Red Sawx…  Poke him during the World Series at your peril! 

Watch Joe Templin’s interview on the link below.

The Jimbo Paris Show #79 with Joe Templin – YouTube

The Jimbo Paris Show is also available in ROKU TV!

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