EP#25 -How does the Mind Works? – Kam Knight

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health, have a deeper dig on how the mind works.

Kam Knight is an Author, a Coach and a Writer of several Best-Selling books in the area of mental performance such as memory, concentration, and productivity.

He is focusing on the “Middle ground” of how people do what they want to do, and 2 main parts of it were mentioned on his interview with Jimbo Paris.

  1. Mental Performance Aspect
    • Being able to focus, remember, as well as use your mind in its most optimal way.
  2. The area that holds us back. That holds you back.

Kam Knight personally believes that there’s a part of our mind that is designed to hold us back. It is actively working to hold us back and if we are not careful about it, it can limit our achievements in life and our success.

Many people who have a lot of drive and a lot of motivation to do things but on one reason or another was not able to do it, they got held back by this “part”. We don’t really get to talk about this “Middle Ground” because everyone is focused on pushing through a lot of motivations, tips and technics which were all great but there is this other piece that’s kind of missing.

A highly driven and a goal getter can get things done, can be effective with the traditional method, but if he/she has a lot of resistance or unconsciously their unconscious mind is holding them, then it doesn’t matter how much motivation they have. There is a part that is always interrupting them in getting their way.

As humans, every time that we have an action that is meant before us, that decision gets filtered by our mind using criteria. And if that decision is not aligned with the criteria, our mind will prevent action.

It doesn’t matter how much motivation you have. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have on a certain topic. If you do something that goes against one of the criteria, that is when the mind evaluates. It will put the bricks until you were not be able to act.

Know what’s best for you. Be consistent. Make sure that you show up every single day.

Jimbo Paris Show #25- Boosting your Mental Performance (Kam Knight)

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