EP#52 -Exclusive Episode with Dr. Kristy Sumner (Soul Sisters Paranormal)

Dr. Kristy Sumner and her team, the Soul Sisters Paranormal, have a different approach and style when it comes to their paranormal investigations. Their fascination started as a girl trip on discovering the historical stories behind every location and finding evidence that will allow them to get close to answers of what happened and what happens next after we die.

Soul Sisters Paranormal accommodates Commercial and Residential Investigations. Commercial Investigations are those large sites that are tagged as haunted locations while Residential Investigations are those cases that the Business or Home owner asks for assistance on evaluating what is going on with their business/residence.

The audience base of the Soul Sisters Paranormal was built solid with their unique technique on highlighting the history of alleged haunted locations. They believe that without the historical significance of these locations, there is no paranormal and if we will lose that history, we will also lose a part of who we are.

As they conduct their investigations with professionalism and respect, they are certain that most spirits are not bad. Spirits just wanted their stories to be heard for one reason or another. The spirits might have fears on the possible consequences of their acts during their life on earth, they might have unfinished business or they might be stuck and does not know yet the ways on how they can ascend.

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