EP#71 – Essential Skills for a Victorious Career

“All of us can get better if we train and the same is true for charisma, as well as skills in my book like leadership, networking and negotiating.” -Mark Herschberg

We all have dreams we hope to accomplish, whether it’s landing a job you’ve always wanted or starting your own business. But how do you turn those dreams into reality?

Our best advice is this: set yourself up for success. You can do that by making sure you have the right tools in your toolbox!

The right tools will help you navigate any obstacle and build confidence as you tackle your goals.

No matter what stage you’re at in your career, it’s important to keep learning and evolving. And since life is a marathon, not a sprint, it’s key to keep growing so you can enter whatever new phase comes next with confidence and determination.

That’s why Mark Herschberg wrote the book called The Career Toolkit, Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You—to help all of us continue to learn and grow throughout our careers, no matter where they take us or how our careers change along the way.

The book covers essential skills in three key areas:

  • Section one: Career
  • Section two: Leadership and management
  • Section three: Interpersonal dynamics

Mark’s goal with the book is to help people improve their professional efficacy. If people buy the

book, read it, and forget it months later, it doesn’t help them. Mark wanted to find a way to make the book more powerful while requiring little effort on the part of the user. His research showed spaced repetition is one of the most effective ways to learn, so he put the content in an app to help people retain the lessons from the book. With The Career Toolkit App, it’s easy to get career tips straight on your mobile phone, whenever and wherever you want.

Whether you want to learn something new, brush up on your skills, or simply keep your mind sharp, this book and app have you covered! 

Watch this episode for a wealth of information about Mark Herschberg, his book, and his app! Jimbo Paris Show #71- Accelerate Your Career (Mark Herschberg) – YouTube

We hope we’re able to help you decide how to design and execute your personal plan to achieve the career you’ve always wanted!

Get a copy (Hardcover) of The book at amazon.com, indiebound.org,booksamillion.com, barnesandnoble.com, pathwaybook.com and bookshop.org

Buy the eBook at:

Apple books and/or Amazon

Download the App at 

Apple Store and/or Google Play

Contact Mark Herschberg at: contact@thecareertoolkitbook.com


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