EP#98 – Your Key to Self-love.

Joy is a sweet moment in life, it is very much something that comes out of the moment. Joy is an experience filled with something that lifts you up and makes you feel good.

A joyful self is when you’re willing to have a sense of humor and open up to see the joy in simple things in life like seeing the value in laughing and connecting with a friend or taking some time to enjoy a hobby. It can be very very simple that taps you into that joyful part of yourself. That’s the value of it cause it lights you up, it gives you energy, it refuels you and so often people say that it’s frivolous but it’s actually a vital energy life force for living your life and having a fulfilling life.

“Being joyful is just making a little more space for yourself and knowing that in doing that it is not just a gift for you, it’s a gift for everybody around you because it’s something that gets shared and spread to the people that you cared about in your life.” – Kim Mclntyre

Jimbo Paris Show #98 – Awareness. Key to Self-love. (Kim McIntyre) – YouTube

One of the pieces of advice that Kim gives to people is that if joy or a joyful self feels too far away, look for something smaller or look for a way to bring the energy of comfort in. Finding that something is comforting or soothing to you might be headed in leading in that direction but not such a huge expectation that you think you can never fill.

It’s important to know what or who makes you laugh because laughter is something that connects, bonds and helps people through challenges.

Self-love advice from Kim – awareness is key to self-love if you don’t know that you’re judging yourself harshly in your head if you’re not aware of what is happening then it’s hard to counter-act with self-love and compassion because it takes off and has steam. It starts with awareness in the moment of what you feeling, how your body feels, and where your thoughts are at. Building that moment-to-moment awareness can help you when you need to give yourself a little extra self-love.

Self-love is key to being able to feel joyful and to share that with people. Because if you don’t love yourself and you’re miserable. Joy could even feel uncomfortable or threatened, or someone else’s joy could make you feel uncomfortable or threatened. Loving yourself where you are in all your imperfections because nobody is perfect. Having that compassion for yourself as a human being.

When you love yourself, you can have compassion for that and you can self-talk to yourself.

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Jimbo Paris Show #98 – Awareness. Key to Self-love. (Kim McIntyre) – YouTube

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