EP#88 – Transformation for Success

Sometimes all it takes to be successful is to shift one’s viewpoint on what success is and to stop blindly following the ideals of others. In today’s world, the majority of us get into the trap of complying with cultural norms. In doing so, we are actually prevented from achieving our maximum potential by these kinds of pressures. 

Regardless of where we are in life, we can make the most of it by beginning to change our own thoughts and draw success based on our worth. That entails putting in the effort required to reach our objectives, matching our current actions to what we had in mind.

Whether starting Judo at age 30 or doing something we have been doing since we were young, we can always be the best version of ourselves if we start valuing ourselves from inside out. We could become the person we’ve always wanted to be by taking action on all the things that will make us better and add value to our lives. We could do this by working on areas of improvement that will eventually complement our strengths.

What if we could accomplish it the way a tree does – growing as much as possible in the surroundings? If we only do things for our own gain and nothing else, just think of the success possibilities that would arise! But in practice, we would always act in a way that is detrimental to our objectives. However, we can always strive to change and transform. Transformation of the body and mind for success specifically created for us.

Jeevan is:

  1. Financial Advisor concentrating on retirement planning
  2. Transformational Coach by assisting those who lack focus, wish to learn new skills, or want to grow personally
  3. Author of book “Become A Person Of Value” – book about guiding people to become their best selves in the areas of time management, goal-setting, and psychological mastery
  4. Loves hiking, walking his dog, and started Judo at age 30
  5. A Mensa member

Jeevan Matharu, is an author and transformational coach (as well as a financial adviser and retirement planner). As a financial adviser, he was in the Times Newspaper as one of the Top Advisers in 2021. Jeevan likes to learn, constantly learning about interesting ideas and topics. Outside of this research, he enjoys hiking, Judo, and walking his dog. He is currently ranked as the 22nd top player in the UK for weight u73kg in Judo. He has acquired qualifications in life coaching, psychology, and counseling. He is also a member of Mensa (which means an IQ in the top 2%).

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The Jimbo Paris Show #88 with Jeevan Matharu – YouTube

The Jimbo Paris Show is also available in ROKU TV!

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