EP#82 – “Boldness is a superpower!”

On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest, how confident are you in making a move to reach your dreams?

There are times when we feel quite powerful and confident.

But how can we make the most of it and use it to our advantage?

“Boldness is taking that confidence, or sometimes even a lack of confidence, going into action, doing stuff, sometimes you may not know how it’s going to turn out you, you know, you’re risking failure, you’re bold enough to step out and try something.”

Fred Joyal

Fred Joyal shared his fascinating story on how boldness developed and influenced his life.

He had to work through it for decades before he was able to fully express himself to the world.

Being bold is having your confidence in action.

Expand your comfort zone gradually by working on with your boldness on a regular basis and build your “Boldness Muscle”. Focus on what matters to you.

You can realize how much more you can do if you simply take a chance, the exciting and interesting part might be just waiting for you!

So stop worrying, step up, speak up and stand up.

Go chase your dreams!

Watch Fred Joyal on the link below to know more!

The Jimbo Paris Show #82 with Fred Joyal – YouTube

The Jimbo Paris Show is also available in ROKU TV!

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