EP#73 – Be Financially Independent and Worry-Free

If you are reading this right now, today is the perfect day that the universe offers you to grab!

Go and have the courage to transform your life NOW.

Many would ask, is it true that the only way to achieve success is to grind and work really hard?

Are there other ways that can make it a lot simpler to rise to the top?

Tasha Chen, co-founder of The Science of Getting Rich Academy, believes that every person in the universe deserves and can achieve abundance. She proved the world that there is a different approach in creating abundance in life. There are some things that people simply need to be aware of and put into practice. We can all achieve our dreams while having fun!

You are in control of your personal super powers through discipline, manifestations and mindset.

Tasha Chen is here to help us manifest our greatest desires using a time-tested program and her own proven principles. Tasha has put together a set of programs and courses that have helped transform the lives of hundreds of wonderful people. Putting the practices of law of attraction and other universal laws we believe we’ve cracked the code to creating your riches and would love to have you join the family and manifest your way to happiness, health, wealth, and everything else you desire.


The Jimbo Paris Show #73 with Tasha Chen – YouTube

The Jimbo Paris Show is also available in ROKU TV!

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