The Jimbo Paris Show is a long form of conversation hosted by Jimbo Paris, a broadcaster engaged in overall Self-Improvement, who brings on featured guests that are considered successful and skilled in their chosen field. 

Jimbo Paris is an established and motivated man, who managed to balance business, health and education over the years of experiences with Broadcasting which includes TV, Podcast Radio Stations. He is an advocate of overall Self-improvement and Religion (Christianity). With his skills on broadcasting, business management and executive capabilities, Jimbo Paris was able to successfully build a nonprofit radio station and was able to help build many start-ups as well. Jimbo Paris believes that learning never stops and that we can learn a lot on meeting new people. The Jimbo Paris Show’s goal is to bring value to his fans by having a platform to share knowledge and provide interesting conversations for everyone to gain information and for everyone to have room to grow.

Founder / Owner

Jimbo Paris | Entrepreneur

Broadcaster – Host

Advocate of overall Self-improvement and Religion (Christianity) Broadcasting. TV and Podcast Radio Stations.


Our Team

Katrina Rosaura

General Manager


Abby Obligado



Toni Kaye Mercado

Content Manager